Home Design for Guner Family

This modern masterpiece, exclusively designed for the Güner family, is not just a house; it represents a magnificent fusion of art and functionality. The house becomes a stage for the aesthetic dance of perfectly balanced black, gray, and taupe tones.


The house welcomes guests with a spacious and open entry hall. Here, a warm taupe color meets the elegant contrast of black, harmonizing perfectly with the large gray marble flooring. This hall instantly conveys the sophisticated atmosphere of the house.


The living room strikes a delicate balance between modern minimalism and comfort. Gray sofas are complemented by cushions in taupe tones and luxurious black ceramics. The focal point of the room is a large artistic painting that covers the wall, bringing together shades of gray, black accents, and wooden details in the house’s color palette.


The open-plan kitchen combines functionality and elegance. Glossy black countertops, matte gray cabinets, and taupe-colored bar stools make the kitchen a modern and stylish space. Large windows allow natural light to flood in, while gray upholstered chairs provide a comfortable space for family members to gather around the dining table.


The bedroom is a retreat filled with tranquility and comfort. Subtle touches of black meet a gray bedspread and taupe decorative pillows. A large window ensures the room is bright and spacious, while taupe curtains create a cozy sanctuary when needed.


The bathroom reflects the epitome of luxury and simple elegance. Glossy black tiles, matte gray sink units, and taupe wooden floors add character to the bathroom. A spacious shower cabin offers a relaxing shower experience.


The outdoor area is designed with a balanced use of black, gray, and taupe colors. A wooden-floored veranda is furnished with modern black furniture and gray cushions. This space serves as the perfect outdoor area for relaxation and entertainment for the family.


The modern home of the Güner family, designed by Mina İlter Design, stands out as not just a living space but also as a marvelous synthesis of art and function, reflecting the family’s modern and chic lifestyle and offering visitors a captivating indoor experience.